Always be standing on the Green - The Reef Mulligan sandal helps you take the golf course where ever you go!
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The new 2011 styles of Reef Sandals are in stock NOW!!!
The Soebel Sandal store features the reef byob sandals ...Buy them online here with free shipping and no sales tax on all orders over $50.00 - no beer required. BYOB - from Reef Sandals
SAY WHAT? GET THE TALCOM POWDER… Been pimpin since pimpin was pimpin' with these Pimtastic sandals. With Cadillac style, and a lux screen print, the molded rubber non marking outsoles grip the gas pedal and accelerate to a cool 5 mph. When its time to collect, these Plush Velvet Sandals don’t mess around...

The 2011 reef pimp tastic is available in 3 colors: merlot { shown here }, white and black.


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Mick Fanning is a shiny blonde haired 23-year-old who is often referred to as “White Lightning” and is notorious for playing as hard as he works or in Mick’s case, surfs. When he isn’t in the water, you will most likely find him in a pub. It would be a major design oversight for the REEF sandals product team to neglect this part of his lifestyle, so they came up with a solution. The “Fanning” has a built in church key bottle opener, which is perfectly nestled in the sole of the sandal making the “Fanning” a mandatory accessory for a night out with the boys. Mick has been fit testing the “Fanning” for the last couple of weeks, and had great things to say about his first signature sandal. Fanning commented, “ They are going to be the hit of Cooli” (Coolengatta, Gold Coast Queensland), although given the popularity of Mick around the world, and the innovative ‘thirst quenching technology’, we anticipate global success. Mick is really happy with the way the Reef Fanning sandals turned out and extends a big thanks to the REEF design crew for their creativity and hard work.
home contact about reef sandals directory discounts, sales and clearance