Modeled by pro surfing legend Mick Fanning. The reef fanning  has more than meets the eye.
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The new 2011 styles of Reef Sandals are in stock NOW!!!
Soebel Sandal store features reef fanning sandals. Highly regarded as one of the fastest, most progressive surfers in the world, innovative features were implemented into the sandal to make the “Reef Fanning” truly authentic. A contoured footbed and a full 360-degree Heel airbag enclosed in soft Polyurethane helps to create one of the most comfortable, and technical sandals in the REEF sandals arsenal.
Mick Fanning Pro Model
- Bottle Opener Sandals
Reef Fanning - reef fanning sandals - shown here in green -
The only sandals with a built in bottle opener. Shown here in brown but also available in  green, yellow, orange, red, white, blue, purple, stripes & other fun colors. Click the buy now button below for color and size information...
(available for men & women)


How do they fit ? If you've ever owned a pair of Reef Slap sandals the fannings feel very similiar. If you haven't tried the slap before and you're interested in the reef fanning, then you'll be happy to know these reef sandals have a super soft eva footbed. That means these flip flops are comfortable and mold to your feet when worn over time.

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Tested and approved...
Yes the bottle opener really works GREAT !!!

Bottle Opener Bottom

It would be a major design oversight for the REEF sandals product team to neglect this part of his lifestyle, so they came up with a solution. The “ REEF Fanning” has a built in church key bottle opener, which is perfectly nestled in the sole of the sandal making the “Fanning” a mandatory accessory for a night out with the boys. Mick has been fit testing the “Fanning” for the last couple of weeks, and had great things to say about his first signature sandal. Fanning commented, “ They are going to be the hit of Cooli” (Coolengatta, Gold Coast Queensland), although given the popularity of Mick around the world, and the innovative ‘thirst quenching technology’, we anticipate global success. Mick is really happy with the way the Reef Fanning sandals turned out and extends a big thanks to the REEF design crew for their creativity and hard work.
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